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Welcome to the world of beauty and comfort! Experience a place, where the time slows down.

Due to the natural aromas of blossoms, trees, meadows and ocean breeze your mind unwinds and body invigorates.

Enjoy various kinds of excellent, effective masages and facial and body procedures. They’ll stimulate your good looks, correct various imperfections, rejuvenate and cleanse your body in natural,  harmless and  effective way.

Experience the sensory, highly relaxing sensations during the procedures and massages with longlasting effects.

We apply salon cosmetics GERARD’S COSMETIC CULTURE, AROSHA, CHARME D’ORIENT, SKIN DOCTORS. In our salon you can purchase  cosmetics and bodycare products for home use.

Due to our great respect and approval to various cultural, religious and personal views, body massage and procedure experts in our professional team are both male and female.

Celebrate the special break and take the time for yourselves and your loved ones. May the eyes shine and strength of body regenerates!

Our philosophy: We greatly respect our clients; benefit of the client – it’s our honour.

Our history: We are Latvian company with the long lasting experience – 24 years in field of aestetics, recreation, rejuvenation and health care service. Our experts are certified and have acquired their skills in various local and transnational trainings.

AQUA VILLA SPA salon was established in 2001, in Riga old town, Tirgoņu street 11. Our salon experienced enlargement for whole three times, but due to owners alternation and fundamental reconstruction of  buildings AQUA VILLA SPA was forced to stop it’s activities.

 In  November 27, 2018, after 4 year pause AQUA VILLA Boutique SPA rebuilded it’s activities in slightly reduced size. Now - in a new, romantic place in Riga old town for even more private and romantic sensations!

Our accomplishments:

  • In 2014  the business magazine RigaNOW granted AQUA VILLA SPA salon Platinum Platter Award, awardingit the best in Latvia.
  • In 2012 during STYLIST.CO.UK days AQUA VILLA SPA was included in the world’s  five SPA to attend.
  • In 2011 Conde Nast Traveller international portal and magazine in nominationThe best day SPAs overseas AQUA VILLA SPA due it’s excellent body massages and procedures was included in the world’s best 10 SPA.
  • In 2011 The Best Latvian Trader – AQUA VILLA SPA salon acquired the prize of  WINNER.