SPA and WELLNESS in Riga


Cavitation peeling (painless deep purifying of skin) with sonophoresis (micro massage entering active substances in different layers of skins) supplemented with color therapy for added effect.

An ultra-effective treatment for excellent purity of skin, prevention of problems (comedones, impure, dull, aged, pigmented, wrinkled, atonic skin). It substantially reduces pigmentation spots (applying suitable cosmetics for home use). The result – immediate improvement of condition is a pure, healthy radiant, smoother and more compact skin!

After the treatment it is forbidden to sunbathe for 2 days at least, creams with protective SPF filters are to be applied. In cases of apparent pigmentation it is recommended to combine with RE-WHITE AGE CONTROL treatments in order to ensure the effect.

Procedure may not be applied in the following cases:

Cavitation peeling:
- Pregnancy;
- Oncological diseases;
- Tuberculosis;
- Cold;
- Circulatory disorders;
- Thrombophlebitis;
- Thyroid dysfunction;
- Heart stimulators, and other metal implants;
- Incomplete bone growth.

- Dermatitis;
- Acne, skin disorders;
- Expressed atherosclerosis;
- After tooth extraction or purulent inflammations;
- Vegetative neurosis;
- Pregnancy;
- Thyroid dysfunction;
- Oncological diseases.
SKP1A With individually adjusted classic type mask
60 min
42.00 €

SKP1B With modeling BLUE LAMINARIA mask
85 min
50.00 €

SKP1C With Vitaminic mask or MARINE DNA mask
85 min
50.00 €

Addition of an ampoule with sonophoresis or ultrasound: at option: VITAMINC INFUSION, COLLAGEN PLUS, ELASTIN PLUS, MON PRIX , CALMSENSE SERUM ampoules.
10 min
9.00 €