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SPA and WELLNESS in Riga


Enjoy the beneficial effects of small, nimble fish. GARRA RUFA SPA: a healthy dose of laughter, pampered feet and a good mood for the whole day!
Let's pamper our feet! During the procedure, you soak your feet in a special aquarium. Water temperature is between 26-28C. At first, the procedure seems to be itchy, not for nothing is it called "laughter therapy", but the skin quickly gets used to the tingling of the fish.
After the procedure, you feel an unusual feeling of lightness, relief from stress and a calm mind.
The procedure includes all SPA elements:
Water (life, peace);
Peeling (getting rid of everything superfluous);
Micromassage (improvement of blood circulation, stimulation of the metabolic process).
Introducing the fish for 1 person
15 min
14.00 €

Procedure for 1 person, 30minutes
30 min
22.00 €

Procedure for 1 person, 40minutes
40 min
31.00 €

Procedure for 2 person, 40minutes
40 min
38.00 €

Garra Rufa fish SPA + Foot massage
60 min
56.00 €