SPA and WELLNESS in Riga


Skin repair and correction by dermabrasion method using corund micro-crystals and/or diamond crystal heads for all types of skin

A safe and very effective method, allowing to perform a controlled, safe superficial dermal resurfacing, in order to prevent various skin defects and to stimulate formation of new, healthy skin.

• Blemishes, acne scars
• Enlarged pores
• Wrinkles – deep and static ones. Around lips, eye zone, etc.
• Slackened, “lifeless” dull skin
• Hyperpigmentation
• Stretchmarks
• Thick (keratinized) skin, etc.

• Oncology
• Birthmarks, different benign neoplasms.
• Pyodermia (purulent rash)
• Open wounds
• Severely irritated skin after sunbathing

Apparent immediate improvement of skin condition after the treatment: more clean, fresh, firm, healthy, smoother skin with more even skin tone, soft texture.
Treatment of specific selected areas – eye zone, lip zone, scars, stretchmarks, etc.
With cleansing of zones and finishing protective cream.
30 min
33.00 €

Treatment of face and neck area with care mask
60 min
59.00 €

Treatment of face and neck area.
At option, DNA VEIL or BLUE LAMINARIA mask with vitamin infusion and additional care, moisturizing mask for decollete zone
90 min
62.00 €